CICERALE is a small town 550 meters above sea level, and has a population of 1200. It has shops, restaurants and bars. Its main fiesta is celebrated in August. There is a lake close by where they offer bike hire and other activities. The nearest beach is approximately a 15 minute drive away, and the mountains are also about a 15 minute drive.

Agropoli is 6 miles from Cicerale, and is the nearest big town. It is a nice town with lots to see, including the old town with a castle. Bars and restaurants are open 'til the early hours of the morning in the summer. There is a long seaside promenade, also a port. In Agropoli there is train station which connects to the rest of Italy from Calabria to Torino. From June to Sept there are ferry boats from Agropoli to the Amalfi coast, Sorrento and Naples.

Naples is the nearest airport approximately 60miles from Cicerale.

Salerno is the nearest city to Cicerale, about about an hour's drive away. From Salerno you can catch boats to Capri, Amalfi, Positano Ö The Amalfi Coast isnít far away. Amalfi is beautiful and worth seeing. Pompeii, Vesuvius and Ercolano are all around the bay of Naples.

Nowhere more than in the Cilento can you find such heritage, with ample history and Culture. The Cilento is interwoven with archaeological remains, greenery and unrivalled mountain scenery. It has a coastline that overlooks one of the bluest seas in Italy and medieval hamlets rendered unique by its inhabitants, its languages, its nature and myths handed down through the centuries. The Cilento is well worth discovering.

Cilento is a National Park protected by UNESCO. It is an authentic part of southern Italy, free from crowds of tourists.

It has seaside resorts which get busy between July and August when it is usually very hot. August is especially good for festas and sagras. There is always one going on somewhere nearby every day at that time of the year with local music, food and fireworks, some in September too. If you like walking there are cool rivers to swim in away from the crowed beaches at that time of the year in the mountains. The walks and climbs around this way are wonderful with marvellous scenery, scented pretty flowers and shrubs to walk through and if you're lucky, fruit to pick and eat as you go. It you like walking there are so many lovely and interesting places to see, lots of archaeological sites to visit too, mostly all free of charge. Paestum and Velia are the most famous sites in the immediate vicinity.

There are lots of very nice eating places where you can eat at very little cost. Also there are vinery canteens where you can have free tasting before buying the very good local wines. There are lots of small local cheese factories, mostly with goats and buffalo. Mozzarella is a local delicacy of the Salerno plain. There are lots of buffalo farms, some open to the public where you can buy local produce and picnic in the grounds. Cows and goats with their bells roam freely on the hills and mountains.

Although lots of interesting places are very close, it's still best to hire a car. The roads are small and windy, passing through lots of interesting mountain villages, nice to stop and explore, every one having something surprisingly interesting. The Cilento has two famous caves, Pertosa and Castelcivita. There is a very large Cistercian charter house at Padula which is very interesting and worth seeing.

Then there is the Costiera Cilento, which is the coastal road travelling south through lovely seaside towns.